Shentu Chain

Provable Trust For All

Shentu Security Oracle

On-chain safeguards to provide security insights and prevent attacks in real time


A decentralized, member-controlled system to reimburse lost or stolen cryptocurrency of any blockchain network


Security Infrastructure for Blockchain

The first blockchain enabling
Trustworthy Smart Contracts

Shentu leverages DeepSEA and Shentu Certified Virtual Machine (CVM)to ensure a trustworthy infrastructure and reliable development environment.

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The first blockchain enabling
decentralized Security Oracle

Shentu Decentralized Security Oracle guards on-chain transactions by bridging DeFi smart contracts with industry-leading security services.

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The first blockchain enabling decentralized reimbursement

ShentuShield provides customized reimbursement mechanisms to address potential lost from unprotected assets and malicious hacks.

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